Organic Herbal Tea - The Way Nature Intended

Brewing Green Tea - What’s the right way to do it? This is a commonly asked question amongst most people who first begin taking organic loose tea drinking seriously. It really depends on what kind of tea you are drinking, and each one has a slightly different preparation method.
Here are some quick guidelines for you to get started:
fruit tea
1. Sencha green tea - Boil some water and then let cool to about 160 F degrees. Place tea leaves in a tea strainer and brew for about 1 minute.
2. Matcha tea - Place 1 tea spoon of the green tea powder in a large tea cup and pour some hot water ( 160F degrees ) into the cup and stir briskly.
3. For Genmaicha, Bancha and Hojicha, pour boiling water into a tea pot and let it brew for about 15 minutes, then consume.

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